Questions and Answers Regarding the Underwriting of Shares

The Act of Underwriting Shares

Underwriting in Part (Question 1): Partial Underwriting

A corporation distributed one hundred thousand shares, each of which was worth at one hundred dollars. The following terms were used when underwriting the shares:

30,000 total shares are X.

Y: 50,000 individual shares

The general public submitted applications for 70,000 shares.

Required: Find out how liable X, Y, and the company are in this situation.

A response

Applications that have been marked are not provided in the problem. Therefore, applications are credited to underwriters, including the company, according on the gross liability of the application. It is appropriate to consider the corporation itself an underwriter for a total of 20,000 shares.

Underwriting in its Full Form Question 2

A corporation that started operations on January 1, 2019, published a prospectus in which they invited interested parties to submit applications for 500,000 equity shares at a price of $10 per share. As can be seen in the following, the funding for the entire issue came from just four different individuals:

A: Two Hundred Thousand Shares

B: a total of 150,000 shares

C: one hundred thousand shares

50,000 total shares are D.

There were applications submitted for a total of 450,000 shares, and the applications that were marked successful were as follows:

A: 220,000 units of stock

B: a total of 90 000 shares

C: 110,000 total shares owned

a total of 10,000 shares

Required: Determine how much each individual underwriter is responsible for paying.

Question 3: Company Insurance Policies

John Limited distributed 10,000 shares, each of which was worth $100. The following companies underwrote the entirety of the issue:

A: 50%

B: 30%

C: 20%

In addition to this, the underwriting for the firm was as follows:

A: one thousand shares

B: 750 stocks or shares

C: five hundred shares

8,000 shares were underwritten by the firm, bringing the total number of subscriptions to that amount. The following marked applications were included as part of the subscription:

A: 1,500 different stocks

B: Two Thousand Shares

C: 750 shares in total

Required: Determine the total amount of the underwriters’ obligation.

4th Question:

The following types of underwriting are carried out:

A: 5,000 individual shares

B: three thousand shares

C: Two Thousand Shares

Additionally, there is the practice of firm underwriting:

A: one thousand shares

B: five hundred shares

C: 1,500 total shares held

There were a total of 10,000 shares distributed in this transaction. The number of forms comprised the following marked forms, which brought the total number of shares subscribed to 8,500 when company underwriting was taken into account as well:

A: Two Thousand Shares

B: one thousand shares

C: One Thousand Shares

Calculate the responsibility that each underwriter bears in this endeavor; this is a requirement.

The fifth inquiry

A prospectus was distributed by a corporation in order to solicit applications for the purchase of 20,000 equity shares at a price of $100 per share. The entirety of the issue was completely backed financially by the following three underwriters:

A: Ten Thousand Shares

B: seven thousand shares

C: three thousand shares

There were applications submitted for 16,000 shares, and the applications that were considered for marking are as follows:

A: 7,600 stocks and shares

B: 4,040 individual shares

C: 3,360 respective shares

Required: Describe the process that should be followed to finish the underwriting liability.

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